Transport for Prague hotels

Do you own a hotel, pension, hostel or apartments? Do you provide services for hotel guests? We can arrange hotel limousine to highlight your level and standard of accommodation.

Hotel Limousine Service01

You can choose from two types of the offered services:

Permanent car parking at the hotel

  • Our vehicles are available in a dedicated area – preferably in front of the hotel.

Car delivery

  • The vehicle can be delivered after a telephone order through our dispatching.
  • We guarantee car delivery on time.


Payment for transportation can be made with all credit cards directly to the driver , cash in all world currencies, or by invoice. We invoice for the period based on the confirmed transport sheets by client, or by returning the hotel tokens/chips for transportation.

Condition for payment by bank transfer is signing contracts for transportation services or acceptance of the terms and conditions.

In case of contractual co-operation our cars can be labeled with a logo of your hotel..

If you are interested in a hotel limousine, please contact us here.