Tours & round trips

Would you like to make the business trip more interesting for yourself or your business partners? We propose some attractive day trips and prepare appropriate cars with a driver according to your requirements.

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Trips outside Prague

Karlstejn castleCzech Airport Limousine - Karlstejn 02

Visit the majestic gothic castle of Karlstejn, built 650 years ago in a beautiful location surrounded by forest near the river Berounka. For many visitors it is one of the most memorable trips out of Prague. More information and other gallery here.


KonopištěCzech Airport Limousine - Konopiste

Konopiste castle was founded in the 14th century and renovated in 1887 by the Habsburg throne successor, Franz Ferdinand d’Este (one of the guided tours is dedicated to him). More information and other gallery here.


MelnikCzech Airport Limousine - Melnik

The charming chateau dominates the town. Several architectural styles from Romanesque to Baroque took place during its reconstruction. Since 1753, the Lobkowicz family has owned the chateau. More information and other gallery here.


NelahozevesCzech Airport Limousine - Nelahozeves

You will find this beautiful Renaissance castle always full of visitors, located just 40 km north of Prague. A very valuable collection of paintings and crafts make up part of its greatest attraction. More information and other gallery here.


Kutna HoraCzech Airport Limousine - Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is a small medieval town, part of the cultural UNESCO heritage list. The town was known for its silver mining which brought great wealth to the area. More information and other gallery here.


castle KrivoklatCzech Airport Limousine - Krivoklat

Records mentioning the royal castle Křivoklát date back to 1100 A.D. though today’s building dates from the late 13th century. It was enlarged and fortified at the end of the 14th century. Thanks to all these renovations and continual reconstructions the castle shows all the phases of the Gothic style. More information and other gallery here.


TerezinCzech Airport Limousine - Terezin

The fortress town of Terezin was founded in 1780 as a defense structure for the Central Bohemian region, however the fortress was never under direct siege. During World War I, the fortress was used as a political prison camp. More information and other gallery here.


Karlovy Vary / CarlsbadCzech airport limousine - Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a world famous spa town, also commonly known as Carlsbad (German name), located in the west of the Czech Republic. More information and other gallery here.


Cesky KrumlovCzech Airport Limousine - Cesky Krumlov

The amazing medieval town of Cesky Krumlov is located near the start of the Vltava River in the beautiful South Bohemian countryside. Created in the 13th century it still retains its original medieval character and is another site of the UNESCO heritage list. More information and other gallery here.


Medieval Tavern – DeteniceCzech Airport Limousine - Detenice

Taking one step through the threshold you will be transported from the 21st century to the Middle Ages – you will feel it radiating from the old stone walls. Sentences shouted rudely (on purpose) by the staff and tones of medieval songs will get under your skin. More information and other gallery here.


Plzen / PilsnerCzech Airport Limousine - Pilsen

Plzen (also known as Pilsen) is home to two big breweries – Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus. They are two of the most popular brands of beer in the Czech Republic and can be found around the world. More information and other gallery here.